What Makes A Commercial Interior Design Different From A Residential Interior Design?

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Interior design is a branch of design that deals with modelling and remodelling the interior of a building to increase its acceptability while making them aesthetically pleasing. However, the field of interior design has two separate niches: residential and commercial. This blog aims to give its readers a clear outline of the differences between these two niches.

What is Residential Interior Designing?

Residential interior designing focuses explicitly on designing a place to make it more homely for the inhabitants. The interior designers here work together with the likes and dislikes of a homeowner. The homeowner here chooses the colour of the walls, the paintings, the amenities and even the style of their houses. This is because it is their home, their personal space. An interior designer can help them professionally by adjusting and modifying their preferences and giving the best that resonates with the client's choice.

In short, an interior designer ensures that a house becomes more livable and welcoming for its owner. They add warmth, love and comfort to that house through colours, layouts, flooring, and everything. Moreover, they sync your home's interior with its location and owner's personality. Therefore, if you want to remodel your Kolkata home, hire a famous interior designer in Kolkata. Local designers know best about the local culture.

Residential interior designing applies to:

  • Specific bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Washroom remodelling
  • Home theatre
  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Condominiums

What is Commercial Interior Designing?

On the other hand, commercial interior design does not focus on the client's personal choices. Rather it depends on the needs of the places. Commercial places have a wide range of varieties, each of which demands their specific requirements for customer satisfaction. A commercial interior designer work under the pressure of giving back the client the value of their business investments. Every commercial site has distinct approaches, which are very different from residential interior design. If you are looking to design your commercial place in Kolkata, an experienced commercial interior designer in Kolkata will help you get what you want.

Different commercial sites where commercial interior designers work are as follows:

  • Corporate offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Community centres like banquets, gymnasiums and many more

So you can easily understand the approach and the vastness of commercial design.

What are the Differences in Concept Between Residential and Commercial Interior Designing?

Residential and commercial design are two completely different niches. You can understand the differences better from the discussion below:

Scope and Planning

The scope of residential interior designing is limited to small areas like houses, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK apartments and condominiums at most. Designers design even smaller spaces within the houses, like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and washrooms. The scope is limited because the purpose is the same- to make it livable. Hence, the planning does not differ in the broader spectrum.

But, in commercial designing, designers deal with different projects like offices, schools and hospitals. They have to plan differently for every site, as the design should enhance their utility.


The target in these two niches is entirely different. While residential interior designers aim to satisfy their clients' personal choices, commercial designers intend to heighten the clients' business purpose and user people's attraction.

A residential designer ensures that a person and their family are safe in their home. The design focuses on personal comfort and safety. But commercial designers focus on the safety of the users of the specific sites. For example, in an office space, the design should improve the employees' overall health by making it brighter. The furniture sets like desks, and chairs should ensure optimum comfort to alleviate productivity. However, this design would not fit in a hospital. A hospital interior should prioritize the safety and easy accessibility of patients and health providers like lifts, reception etc. Moreover, hospital furniture sets, storage space and surgical rooms require unique designs. Similarly, a school should be fit for student safety.

Specific Requirements

Residential designing requires the specific preference ideas of the homeowners. It deals with planning and implementing the facilities that the owner wants.

However, the design should be alluring and welcoming in commercial sites like restaurants. Office spaces and hotels require proper fire exits, elevators, parking spaces, electrical connections, and air-conditioning systems. If they have to design railway stations or airports, the entrance and exit areas require different ideas. For retail stores, too, the designers have to prepare different layouts. In short, commercial designers work on extended areas.

Government Policies

Safety measures are kept on point in residential interior designing projects to ensure the optimum safety of the inhabitants. However, commercial designers must abide by government rules and regulations strictly to initiate the projects. They must maintain the quality of raw materials and the planning to ensure mass safety.


In short, the roles of residential and commercial designers are entirely different from each other. Though there are crossovers, the basic requirements differ from each other. A commercial interior designer in Kolkata can give your retail space a new look. But you must hire a famous interior designer in Kolkata with expertise in residential design.

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