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luxury house design kolkata

Kolkata people love experimenting with designs and adopting new styles, whether clothing, jewellery, ornaments, hairstyles, or homes. Therefore, we see indigenous design patterns and colour combinations in every house. Every next door, a visitor can find the exhibition of modern decor and transition of colours. How about hiring an expert for a luxury house design Kolkata for your home?

Interior experts have plenty of information and decorative ideas revolving in their minds. They just measure your space, budget, and preferences to start the makeover of your place. Office, homes, factories, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and resorts every new space gets a distinct look from professional interior designers.

Different types of luxury houses

To make their dream house come true, people behold all other desires and work hard to gather sufficient money. Several designs of home interiors have come to life with the creative brainwork of professional interior designers.

  • English style: English-style luxury homes are timeless beauties. They are designed with intricate brickwork, leaded windows, and a welcoming entrance. Further, they have rich wood panelling, decorative fireplaces, and exceptional chandeliers. Thus, one can find a combination of impeccable craftsmanship, posh surroundings, advanced accessories, and warmth in them.
  • Penthouses: Penthouses take the top floors of highrise buildings giving breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Plus, they have extended layouts, high ceilings, intelligent appliances, personal elevators, rooftop gardens, swimming pools, and jogging spaces.
  • Bungalows: Single-story enlarged homes with a spacious layout give bungalows an authentic look. They have open floor plans and easy access to the outdoors. The charming atmosphere and the cosy, relaxed living environments make these a popular style among home designs.
  • Mansions: These unique houses have expanded square foot area, several stories, creative furnishings, and modern amenities like home theatres. The beautiful garden scape gives it an eco-friendly touch and close-to-nature appearance.
  • Smart homes: The latest automation systems, voice commands, presence sensors, and temperature control mechanisms adapt to the newly styled homes with ease. Further, security systems and personal attendants add up to the convenience of these smart dens.
  • Contemporary: Homes with sophisticated elements of furniture and electronic devices add beauty and convenience to home decor. Spacious inside, wide doors and windows allow natural light and air to refresh the mind and soul.

What luxury items intensify the beauty of your English homes

English luxury homes are spacious, with superior-quality materials, well-defined interiors, and modern amenities. These houses cost among the top ten per cent of the real estate world and take the space in the most sought-after locations with serenity and tranquillity. Although many designs and styles have emerged in English home interior design in Kolkata, a few examples will clarify the facilities attached to a luxury home.

  • Glass walls or floor-to-ceiling windows: This feature gives the interior immense natural light, transparency, and a grandeur look.
  • Water filter system: Get pure and fresh water every time with modern and environment-friendly water purification mechanisms. Thus, you may avoid the use of plastic bottles.
  • Spas and massage rooms: Rejuvenate your skin, mind, and senses with spas and massage from an expert at your home.
  • Garden and goodwill: The greens around the house enliven the ideas and living spree. Thus, you can become more creative and imaginative sitting under a shady tree in your garden.
  • Less energy-consuming devices: Five-star devices with high energy efficiency relieve you from high electricity bills and out-of-budget expenses.
  • Swimming pools: Dive into the cool water of your swimming pool after a tiring day in the office or a long journey.
  • Wine cellars: Spend quality time with your dear ones and friends with a sip of fresh wine.

Exclusive ideas from top interiors in Kolkata

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