How To Find The Right Interior Decorator for Your Kolkata Home?

interior decorator in kolkata

Before you kick start your research, please keep in mind that it is your home. A home is your safest place, and you cannot make it a place of disaster. You can make your house your dream home, but you need to make your dream home a juxtaposition of random ideas. Therefore, do more than just research, do it well and deeper. Check out the valuable tips before you spend a fortune decorating your Kolkata home.

Research and More Research

Dear inhabitant, hundreds of interior decorators in Kolkata claim that they are the best in the market. It is their job to market their companies. However, finding the right interior decorator for your home is your job. Firstly, formulate a basic outline of your house. You must consider the location and the area of your house. Your home interior should sync with your locality. In short, your home should fit right into your locality while maintaining the uniqueness of your personality.

Finding the right interior modern home decor in Kolkata may take time, but it is worth the wait. Find someone who is an expert in interior decoration. You can ask people directly for suggestions, or you can search online. If you have any particular ideas, find decorators who match your criteria. Filter them out to make the entire purpose more fruitful. One small piece of advice, try to look for local decorators. They have the best knowledge that fits your Kolkata ambience.

The authenticity of the decorator

Once you have sorted out your preferred decorators, do the obvious. After research comes the checking part. Please ensure that all the decorators you have shortlisted so far have legal permission to continue their business. You can look at their official website. But please ask them directly. Check the registration number on your own.

The job of a decorator is to decorate your house. What is the big deal? Well, you be prepared. You can take the necessary actions if anything odd happens during your project. For example, if anyone gets injured or your property is damaged, please ensure you receive compensation. It is your responsibility to check their insurance policies and other essential documents. Transparency should be one of the critical priorities of any company.

How Long Have They Been Decorating?

The next step is to check the experience, reputation and forte of every shortlisted interior decorator in Kolkata. Now try to understand one thing. What makes a company popular? Their successful projects and clients’ positive feedback. Visit every decorator’s official website and tour every detail, especially their finished projects and client reviews. A client will never give positive feedback without being satisfied. You rely on them.

Besides their popularity, you must also check their experience in this field. If a company has at least five years of experience, you can trust its processes. It is because with knowledge comes variety. However, it is optional to hire only experienced interior decorators in Kolkata. How else would the newcomers prosper? You must choose the one you are satisfied with. You have to think of your satisfaction too.

Your Home Your Ideas, But Their Guidance

Even if you do not have any definite style for your interiors, you should get one. Look at different types online. You will get an idea about what suits your personality and your home interior decor. Discuss your preferences with the decorators separately. If they are experienced enough, they must have worked on similar projects. If you like the quintessential Bengal touch in your Kolkata home, your decorator must be able to impress you with their design ideas.

Refrain from getting swayed by the plethora of design models, and stick to your choice. Choose the one that would look best in your home. Pay attention to the attitude of your decorators. Are they giving your opinion value, or are they trying to impose their previously-set models? You must check all the ideas; you can upgrade your preferences. Professional interior decorators in Kolkata value their clients more than anything else. Moreover, they guide you professionally with their experienced insights.

Services in Your Package

Now, this is a crucial thing to discuss. Sit on a one-to-one person meeting and discuss the package deals. Each company may and will offer its best packages to decorate or redecorate your home. You have to be careful here. Compare all the packages provided by every interior decorator in Kolkata you have chosen. Check which decorator is providing the maximum coverage and maintain the excellent quality of the materials.

Budget: The Last Step

You have to understand that the charge of every interior decorator in Kolkata is different. Some companies charge hourly, whereas some go with the square feet. However, several interior decorators charge based on the entire valuation of your house property. If you decorate your average Kolkata flat, they may charge up to 15% of your valuation. At the same time, it may go up to 30% if you are considering a villa or resort.

You might be wondering why you should check your location. This is the reason—for the charge fluctuation. However, a well-reputed company tries to minimize the gap, but it is hard to some extent. Therefore, you run a thought check of your property and make a budget. Try to stick to that till the end.


In short, please check everything thoroughly and clarify your doubts before choosing the right interior decorator in Kolkata for your abode.

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