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Best Bedroom Designs

Are you looking for the perfect bedroom design where you can be completely yourself? Bedrooms are a private space and, in fact, the only space in the home which is entirely your own. Think of it, whether it is the kitchen or the living room, there will be visitors and other people who will enter that space inevitably.

However, your bedroom is yours and yours only! Naturally, you would want the best bedroom design aesthetic that fits your personality and choices. Thus, today, we will take a look at some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing bedroom designs that you can go for.

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Best Bedroom Interior Designs for the New Year

These are some of the most glamorous and inviting bedroom designs that you can go for:

Sea-Inspired Bedroom Design

This bedroom design aesthetic is soothing to the senses at once. Making use of aqua-inspired color tones like turquoise, navy blue, and sea green shades against a contrasting tone of white, this bedroom design is always a pleasing sight!

Moreover, this bedroom design makes use of aged wood furniture, which gives a lived-in feel to the entire bedroom. Homeowners can choose to go with a tapestry or wall painting that fits the theme, as well as adopt some ethnic prints in a corresponding color combination for the best overall look.

Moreover, you can also choose to get a single wall painted in different sea-inspired textures and designs, which will help to bring the entire look together. As part of the home décor, you could go for some seashells, adding a touch of class!

Indian Traditional Bedroom Design

If you think you want to go the old way and choose an Indian-inspired traditional bedroom design, Priety Interiors can make that real for you without a sweat. We specialize in sourcing local materials and ethnic creations that can be used in combination with modern home décor designs, bringing the best of both worlds to one!

As part of our Indian-inspired traditional bedroom design, homeowners can choose to go with a four-poster bed built of durable natural woods like teak or mahogany. This acts as the central piece of the bedroom and immediately captures the attention.

In addition, one can always choose to go with wall designs and ethnic motifs as part of the layering. Homeowners can choose textured fabrics while going for curtain choices or invest in a family portrait to personalize the space.

Furthermore, there are other furniture elements that one can always install in their bedroom, which will adhere to the same Indian-inspired aesthetic. The most preferred paint tones would be muted colors or pastel shades, as they impart the best atmosphere.

Eclectic Bedroom Design

This bedroom aesthetic is a mix and match of traditional elements with modern, contemporary design choices and concepts. Thus, it appeals to both traditionalists and modernists the same. It makes use of quirky design choices in terms of color tones and textures while opting for more sleek choices when it comes to furniture and light fixtures.

If you have a playful bent of mind, this is one design aesthetic that will immediately appeal to you. However, this design aesthetic is difficult to bring together since it requires complex combinations to be made so the contrasting tones go well with each other.

In addition, creating an eclectic design that is completely original requires potent designing skills and experience in handling projects. This is why you should go for a specialist interior design firm like Priety Interiors to make this design your own. Interior design firms who do not possess enough experience will simply fail at creating a final product that is polished and well thought out.


So, if you are looking for next-level bedroom designs that will uplift your private space, just come over to Priety Interiors, and we will take care of everything. We have a vast portfolio of successful handovers and have faithfully provided 100% satisfaction to all of our clients.

We work in collaboration with our clients and take the time to understand their needs and wants. We make sure that the design process is wholly collaborative so you can provide your valuable input on things you want done in your home.

Thus, only when the design has been finalized do we move forward with the installation. This minimizes any chances of something going wrong or some unplanned error taking place. We specialize in complete home renovation as well, so if you need the best living room interior designer in Kolkata, we can help you out with that as well!

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