6 Things To Know Before Starting Your Kitchen Design Project

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Are you thinking of starting your kitchen design project? It's always a great idea to hire a modern home décor in Kolkata to get the best results. However, here are a few questions your designer might ask you, or you should know yourself before starting kitchen design.

Do you use your kitchen more often?

Your kitchen design depends on the number of hours you spend there in a day. If you don't use your kitchen more often or only on weekends, the interior designer can make the most of the space and instill maximum functionality. However, if you cook more often and the kitchen is your happy space, you need maximum value out of it. An interior designer will help you design an efficiently functional kitchen within your budget.

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Is your family big or small?

The functional aspect of your kitchen also depends on the size of your family. Even if you have a large or small family, an interior designer can help you get the most value by designing the kitchen as per your family size. A thoughtful kitchen design will help you have more storage and accessories space. Moreover, having adequate light and airflow is important, irrespective of the family size. All these factors are taken care of with the kitchen interior design services in Kolkata.

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What material do you want to choose for the kitchen?

It is a good idea to have a brief discussion with the interior designer about the material and finishes for you in your kitchen. Using great quality materials ensures longevity in the kitchen space. You don't have to redesign or change the finishes now and then. Your kitchen goes through extreme heat and moisture. Hence, it is a smart idea to choose the right material for your kitchen surfaces.

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What are your style preferences?

Your kitchen interiors must reflect your style and taste. Hence, you need to discuss and figure out your style with the interior designer. Be it simple, minimal, or classy, loud designs, the modern home decor in Kolkata can help you achieve it all at an affordable cost. If you're unable to know what your style preference is, you can book a call with the best kitchen interior design services in Kolkata.

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Know your budget

It is important to communicate about your budget with the home interior designers. It will help them come up with a wise design plan for your kitchen. From accessories, units, hardware, finishes, and materials, a lot goes into a well-thought-out kitchen design. Hence, you must understand the overall cost and see if it fits your budget.

Type of kitchen layout

Another element you must consider before starting the kitchen design process is the layout of your kitchen. You must decide if you want an L-shaped kitchen or a Straight Kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen has rows of two cabinet walls. These walls are placed perpendicular to each other to form the shape L. It is the most preferred kitchen layout for modern homes. You get a ton of efficient workspace. Moreover, there is adequate space to move around and smoothly finish your work. All the appliances and cabinets are placed on the right-angled walls. Hence, there is a free space in between to move around and cook easily.

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Straight kitchen

If you have a tiny kitchen, a straight kitchen is the best design layout for you. It occupies a single wall, and you can walk around easily. Basic wall and base cabinets are designed in this kitchen layout. If you have a 1BHK or a studio apartment, you must go for a straight kitchen.

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There are many other elements to consider while designing your kitchen. From lights, layout, and furniture to décor items, everything needs to be thoughtful. A well-known modern home decor in Kolkata is Priety Interiors. You get an array of options to choose from for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom interiors.

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